12/7/2017Bulletin 7Bulletin 7.pdf
12/5/2017Result of Men Pairs Final.pdf
12/5/2017Result of Mixed Pairs Final.pdf
12/5/2017Bulletin 6Bulletin 6.pdf
12/5/2017Result of Swiss Pairs.pdf
12/4/2017Result of Mixed Pairs Semi-Final.pdf
12/4/2017Result of Men Pairs Semi-Final.pdf
12/4/2017Result of IMP Pairs.pdf
12/4/2017Bulletin 5Bulletin 5.pdf
12/3/2017Men Pairs.pdf
12/3/2017Mixed Pairs.pdf
12/3/2017Teams Finals Segment 3.pdf
12/3/2017Teams Finals Segment 2.pdf
12/3/2017Teams Finals Segment 1.pdf
12/3/2017Bulletin 4Bulletin 4.pdf
12/2/2017Teams Semi-Finals Segment 3.pdf
12/2/2017Teams Semi-Finals Segment 2.pdf
12/2/2017Teams Semi-Finals Segment 1.pdf
12/2/2017Bulletin 3Bulletin 3.pdf
12/1/2017Buttler of Mixed Team Qualifying.pdf
12/1/2017Buttler of Men Team Qualifying.pdf
12/1/2017Teams Session 9.pdf
12/1/2017Butler of Supermixed Team Quailfying.pdf
12/1/2017Butler of Women Team Quailfying.pdf
12/1/2017Teams Session 8.pdf
12/1/2017Bulletin 2Bulletin 2.pdf
12/1/2017Teams Session 7.pdf
11/30/2017Teams Session 6.pdf
11/30/2017Teams Session 5.pdf
11/30/2017Bulletin 1Bulletin 1.pdf
11/30/2017Teams Session 4.pdf
11/29/2017Teams Session 3.pdf
11/29/2017Teams Session 2.pdf
11/29/2017Teams Session 1.pdf
11/10/2017Match Schedule (Team number will be drawn at Captains Meeting)Match Schedule.pdf
10/28/2017Tentative ScheduleTest Event Programme.pdf
10/26/2017Conditions of ContestTechnical Hand Book for Test Event, Road to Asian Games 2018.pdf