GemBridge Online Player Guide


1. Log in

Computer/Tablet/Phone can be used to access the website by entering the following URL in the browser:

Click” Log in”, enter member ID and password to log in


Tip 1: Android devices are preferred to install the application as the application runs more quickly. The path to download and install is shown in the following figure:



Tip 2: If you are using the web version of the browser, you are advised to use Google Chrome.

Note: Please make sure to log in via Do not save other paths, or you will not be able to connect the latest version of the website.  


If you have any login or password problems, please email:


2. Enter the hall in advance and wait for the start of the match


It is recommended to log in 5 minutes in advance, at which you will receive the competition notification.  


Click "Enter", you can enter the card room directly, and choose your seat.  An example is shown below:  


3. Seating

The usual seating pattern is back-to-back, with the 4 players from the home (or visiting) team clicking their seats themselves.   The seating status will be announced automatically after all 8 players have been seated.  

Tip 3: Please do not run other applications on the login device after you are seated. Keep GemBridge online as the only current active application.  Once the match time starts, players can start playing automatically when all 8 players at the table have clicked “Start”.  

Note: There are 3 modes for seating: online-fill/back-to-back/optional  


4. Other notes:



Click this icon to view the record of the last trick played



If you need any help at the table, you can click the "whistle" at the table to call the director.